Fountain, European Heritage Days | Lille, France


Animation: Vali Chincișan
Music: Makunouchi Bento & Selfmademusic
Text: Cristian Cojanu


“The Fountain is about the power of the art symbol. Some of the most important icons of the European cultural history will take part in a grandious public procession: Venus of Willendorf and Homo Vitruvius will join Brâncuși and Duchamp in a frenzy march that invokes the spirits of Poetry, Theology, Philosophy, and the ideals of Justice as their muses and patrons at the same time.
The permanence and universality of the art symbols that form the core of the European Cultural Heritage are some of the most powerful means of communication: they are able to create instant gates to the mind of other human beings and therefore set the ground for common, visionary projects for the future.”